Schedule your Slack status and relax. You've earned it.

Plan your Slack status in advance and enjoy uninterrupted time off.

Have you felt frustrated by

Manually updating each Slack status

Constantly checking Slack, even after work hours

Not being able to schedule PTO status in advance

Not being able to set Slack status across multiple workspaces

Time is precious, enjoy your extra hours

Features 01

Automate Slack statuses

Tired of the constant interruptions to update your Slack status? You can automate this process and focus on what truly matters. Let our platform handle the status updates, so you can handle your work.

Features 02

Maintain your work-life balance

Work-life balance is crucial for mental well-being and productivity, and we understand that. Our tool ensures that your colleagues know when you’re off the clock. No more after-hours pings, just peace of mind.

Features 03

Schedule your PTO status in advance

Planning a vacation? Don’t let the worry of setting your PTO status dampen your holiday spirit. Schedule your ‘Out of Office’ status in advance with our tool and enjoy your well-deserved break.

Features 04

Manage multiple workspaces with ease

Juggling multiple workspaces? We've got you covered. Set your status across all your workspaces simultaneously and ensure consistent communication, no matter where you work.

Don't take our word for it

More than 3000 users have already joined Status Scheduler for Slack. We automated more than 10,000 schedules.

Thanks, Slack Status Scheduler is really useful!
Really nice web app. I appreciate the ability to schedule my Slack status (super important now that I'm consistently working from home!).
Thank you. Slack Status Scheduler is Amazing! 👍

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Advanced features for status management.

Unlimited Slack workspaces

Once and recurring schedules

Custom text status and emoji

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$3 / user / month

Optimized for efficient team coordination.

Unlimited Slack workspaces

Once and recurring schedules

Custom text status and emoji

Team management

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Answers to your questions

1. Log into the app, click on the Subscribe button and select the Team plan. 2. Complete the checkout process and you'll be navigated back to the app. 3. Once subscribed, you'll see a Manage button, where you can add or remove team members. If you need help with bulk import of the users, contact us via the Support page below. 4. When your team member is added to the team, they'll automatically get all the features of the app with the Pro subscription when they log in. Note: the first time you subscribe to the Team plan, you'll be charged just for a single user that month. When you add users, we adjust the subscription quantity and you'll be charged for the number of added users with the next monthly payment.
Yes, we can transfer the subscription to the new email if you start a new job. In that case, send us an email for the transfer. We would need the old and the new email.